South Korean police threatened to track down more than and 30 boats to escape from China – Sohu Mili diying

Korean police threatened to trace the more than and 30 ship sea vessels to escape Chinese – Sohu informed the Military Channel Global Times reported: Korea maritime police arrest and machinegun China fishing events continue to ferment. According to Yonhap reported on 3, the South Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Junhe said at a regular press conference on China’s South Korean coastguard vessels for questioning Chinese violence law enforcement retort that cannot accept the Chinese version. Zhao Junhe said, Korea maritime police use guns of the "root cause" is China illegal fishing fishing, fishermen Chinese "organized and brutally deliberately challenge South Korea law enforcement". Yonhap said, "October 7th Chinese fishing sank the South Korean coastguard boats" after the incident, Chinese fishing boats still illegal fishing and organized violence against law. South Korean Foreign Ministry summoned the 2 China Embassy in South Korea consul general, expressed strong protest. South Korea said the arrest China fishing process was around more than and 30 Chinese fishing ship "threat", in this regard, South Korea’s KBS television reported on 3, according to the Inchon maritime patrol safety day news, 1, detained China fishing boat captain and crew in the survey, and denied when the South Korean coastguard ship and a dispute the China fishing boats have any relationship. But in the China by maritime police informant was informed that the detained fishing boats and fishing boats that are "to the sea". Reported that the police will investigate more than and 30 ship anti Chinese method of fishing boats and nationality of the ship, after verification to the relevant departments informed China. Yonhap said the police official said, although the detained Chinese denied and fled the fishermen fishing, but if the relationship between these vessels was confirmed, the liar will become "guilty of obstruction of official crime special".相关的主题文章:

The Taiwan authorities said to promote the mainland tourists to Taiwan will tour the mainland – in t

The Taiwan authorities said to promote the mainland tourists to Taiwan will tour new network in mainland China in August the new network promotion in 26, according to Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported that the Taiwan authorities, Executive Yuan spokesman Tong Zhenyuan said today that the promotion of mainland tourists to Taiwan tourism authorities established policy, the Department of transportation Bureau recently and the delegation of private land marketing promotion. Special reception mainland tourists group of Genesis travel agency before the collapse came without warning. According to the tourism sector statistics, in June this year, only 271 thousand visitors to the mainland to Taiwan, a record low of 30 months. Tong Zhenyuan said that the promotion of mainland tourists to Taiwan tourism authorities established policy. In addition to mainland tourists to help both sides of tourism industry development, it can promote the benign interaction between the people on both sides, welcome mainland tourists to visit Taiwan’s position unchanged. He said that the authorities in the development of mainland tourists tourists, Tourism Development Committee convener Jing Sen, Zhang has instructed the Bureau within 2 weeks for mainland tourists market, put forward the mainland market development plan. Tong Zhenyuan said, "the Tourism Bureau recently will also be combined with the folk public association delegation visited the main unit and provincial land, marketing promotion, to welcome to enjoy the travel that Lu Fang, and through in Beijing and Shanghai offices, for a number of enterprises and will discuss the marketing activities, through cooperation with mainland tour, according to the partition, time, shunt, re planning in the tourism products, tourism promotion depth, actively seek more mainland tourists.相关的主题文章:

Xining environmental protection departments to implement the first batch is not approved to build th vidown

Xining municipal environmental protection departments to carry out the first before construction is approved and ordered restitution cases – Beijing, Beijing, Xining, September 19, (Sun Rui) "we in September 8th on the Qinghai branch of China Mobile officially issued 80 thousand yuan of administrative punishment decision, this is the Xining city first ordered restitution" not approved before construction "project case." Xining Environmental Protection Bureau of Dongchuan Industrial Park Branch staff Wang Xiao said in an interview with reporters. According to Wang Xiao, the end of July, branch of Dongchuan Industrial Park Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau received Xining Dongcheng Pearl District residents to report suspected that the area of a communication base station is not approved before construction. According to district residents, the Qinghai branch of China Mobile in the equipment box cell base station posted a reply of the environmental protection department, but residents feel that the base station approved a problem, call to our verification." Wang Xiao said, later found when a routine check on its number of replies posted on the base station is posing as other base stations, and did not apply for the establishment of base stations, the EIA procedures, in accordance with the requirements of national EIA classification, construction of communication base station signal must comply with the "environmental impact assessment report form". Wang Xiao said, according to the requirements of the new "environmental protection law", the area of the base station is not approved before construction projects, shall be ordered to restore China Mobile Qinghai company communication base station according to the undisturbed, China Mobile Qinghai company fined 80 thousand yuan. For this case, the deputy general manager of China Mobile Qinghai Co., Ltd. Xining branch Wang Yong said on the 19, we had received district residents do not receive mobile signal, to communicate with the community property after the establishment of the base station, but due to the environmental protection department annual report a base station construction plan, and the base station as a temporary increase in the plan therefore, not in a timely manner to the environmental protection department reported, no enough time to go through the corresponding procedures. Subsequently, the reporter to the East Pearl District to understand, residents within the district generally reflect the home mobile network signal is not strong. The white surname staff residential property company said that before the signal is not good, the Mobile Corporation construction base, strong signal, "but because the owners worried about the base station radiation, many complaints, the base station power to stop running now." At present, the environmental protection department requirements, the base station is in a state of power outages, and the company is the environmental protection department procedures for administrative penalties are also actively negotiating with the environmental protection department." Wang Yong said. Wang Xiao said, Xining city as the first ordered restitution not approved before construction project case, the environmental protection department of Xining first construction in construction project "in the past, after the retroactive EIA procedures, to strictly forbid the first car, after buying" phenomenon. I hope this case can provide guidance for the future of the city to carry out the first batch of approved projects to investigate cases. (end)相关的主题文章:

Queensland, Australia, overseas investment tax adjustment part of the new regulations may be exempte winflash

Australia Queensland overseas investment tax exemption – new regulations to adjust the part of Beijing Chinese overseas network on 19 September, according to the Australian "new Express" reported that the Australian government of Queensland decided to adjust to for overseas investors for the new tax policy, increase the number of exempt provisions, real estate committee welcomed. According to Australia Broadcasting Corporation, Queensland’s finance minister Curtis Pitt announced that from 10 months, if the overseas investment projects are "major development projects", do not have to pay an additional fee of $3%. Major development projects, namely the development of overseas investment projects include at least 50 residential plots, if the project can bring significant benefits to the local, you can get tax exemption. Chris, the head of the real estate committee, is still opposed to the new tax surcharge on Mountford, but the decision to grant exemptions is welcome. Chris Mountford said that the real estate association does not support in any region of Queensland or Australia, for overseas residential investment surcharge, will still adhere to this view. He said that Queensland’s finance ministers are taking measures to ensure that developers can provide the necessary housing and jobs in Queensland, the policy adjustments will be improved. Queensland shadow finance minister Scott Emerson accused Curtis Pitt finance capricious. He said that in 2015 the finance minister said he would not raise taxes on foreign investors or set up a new tax, but he broke his oath. Tax exemptions are now available, but the final plan has not yet been determined, and the administrative budget may eventually be higher than the tax received.相关的主题文章:

About the spread of false information the sale of real estate Chengdu two real estate agent was arre pppd-175

About the spread of false information the sale of real estate Chengdu two real estate agent was arrested – Beijing peace Chengdu release briefing. (screenshot) Chengdu City Housing Authority released the news. (website screenshot) Sichuan Chengdu news network September 26th news (reporter Alvarez) on September 25th at 8 pm, the Chengdu Municipal Public Security Bureau official micro-blog "safe Chengdu" external communications: "recently, a large number of online false information about the Chengdu real estate sales, caused widespread public hot. In order to maintain the good social order, public security organs in strict accordance with the "Public Security Management Punishment Law" and other laws and regulations, to crack down on illegal and criminal acts on the Internet rumors, transfer rumors. Up to now, my bureau has been fabricated on the Internet, the spread of the city’s real estate sales of false information of a real estate broker Moumou, Huang Moumou administrative detention punishment." In September 23rd, Chengdu City Real Estate Management Bureau in its official website to "strengthen supervision and promote the healthy development of our real estate market Title released news: for the recent real estate market of individual enterprises illegal charge Chengyijin, property hoarding, speculation and other illegal behavior, in order to strengthen the real estate market in order to promote stable and healthy. The development of the real estate market, urban and Rural Housing Authority will further strengthen market supervision and monitoring, strengthen routine inspections, strictly investigate false propaganda, illegal acts such as collecting Chengyijin, supervise the pre-sale permit commercial housing development enterprises timely and fully opened sales, standardize the market behavior; the market is expected to strengthen management, adhere to the correct guidance of public opinion, inhibit malicious speculation, advocating rational purchase; for publishing false information, cheat consumer behavior of the real estate development enterprises Industry, intermediary organizations and their employees, shall cancel the qualification and signed the "blacklist", for illegal acts shall be severely punished. On the evening of September 25th, Ping An Chengdu released less than an hour after the briefing, the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of urban and rural real estate official micro-blog Chengdu real estate also forwarded the police briefing. "Safe Chengdu" in the bulletin to remind the general public: do not believe rumors, do not pass rumors, pay attention to false information screening, not forwarded unconfirmed information freely.相关的主题文章:

The Qing Dynasty was 50 years when a holder of nearly 5 million yuan auction winsockfix

The Qing Dynasty was 50 years when a holder of nearly 5 million yuan auction original title: a "lamp" when Qing Dynasty was 50 years nearly 5 million yuan auction of a Chinese Qing Dynasty Royal hatstand in the UK 8 to 581 thousand pounds (about 4 million 900 thousand yuan) price auction. This is a rare thing was a British couple as a "base" for more than 50 years. The British "Daily Mail" reported on 10, Christie’s Asian art expert Chen Aiwei said, "this is a very rare Royal supplies, on the age-old extent well preserved", "Nine Dragons green and yellow hat rack pattern", is likely to be made for the emperor. Hatstand estimates made in 1820 to 1850, the starting price of 300 thousand pounds, was eventually a anonymous buyers from Asia nearly two times the price go. A couple from North Welsh bought this gorgeous object from a village house in 1953. It does not know what the couple returned home to it with a white, pleated lampshade. The Royal hatstand transformed into a lamp. It was not until a few years ago that someone saw the value of it that he bought it from the couple. (Xinhua Chen Dan) [micro] manuscript editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章:

U.S. media Sino Russian military exercises will be started at the same time the exercise of tit for chompoo araya

Taiwan media: Sino Russian military exercises will be started at the same time as military exercises in the exercise of tit for tat US aircraft carrier deck crew, sailing is the dream of many people, but in fact the navigation is very hard. Do not believe? Look at the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier staff, helmets, wrote three Chinese characters, karoshi". According to Taiwan’s China Times reported on September 9th, China and Russia will be held in the South China Sea on 12 to 19, in the South China Sea in the joint maritime -2016 large-scale military exercises in the South China Sea in September. Coincidentally, the United States Navy will be held on the 8 day statement, called "the 2016 major naval exercise Valiant Shield" on September 12-23. The two sides overlap in the time of the exercise of the sea, the United States military exercises targeted self-evident. Military experts pointed out that the anti submarine reefs and the combat will be the focus of this exercise, that means strong. Reported that the U.S. Pacific Command will be scheduled in the Western Pacific waters near Guam and the Mariana Islands range held large-scale exercises, there will be more than 18 thousand U.S. troops, and about 180 military aircraft from the U.S. Navy, air force and Marine Corps participation. A commander of the U.S. Navy Marine aviation logistics squadron pointed out that the primary focus of this exercise is to cross military exercises, complement each other, improve the ability to develop new tactics, technology and process. Japan’s "foreign scholars" website quoted the U.S. Navy statement pointed out that participation in the exercise include the Nimitz class nuclear powered aircraft carrier in Japan at the Yokosuka naval base, Reagan "wasp class amphibious assault ship" good Richard ", and the other two amphibious ships, and 9 other warships. The deputy commander of the U.S. seventh fleet and "brave shield" exercise leader Alan pointed out that since the U.S. military stationed the Pacific, will have a reliable force. Reported that the U.S. Pacific command from 2006, held every two years in the waters of Guam, brave shield exercise, and this year is sixth degrees. The exercise will focus on amphibious assault, maritime security, anti submarine, air defense, and investigation, positioning, tracking, and the military ships and aircraft in the sea, land and air three dimensional comprehensive training, and combat elements integrated into the network.相关的主题文章:

The old man received Mailiang million counterfeit money equivalent to the annual income (Figure) dachiyouxiang

The old man received Mailiang million counterfeit money equivalent to the annual income (Figure) original title: million counterfeit money most of the same number of China Xianyang daily news (reporter Yang Hao) a seven year old man took 5000 yuan to sell food money ready to deposit credit cooperatives, inventory, the staff found that all is false coin. The old man liangkuan is equivalent to the annual income in August 27th at 2:27 in the afternoon, three canal Jingyang County Public Security Bureau police station received 110 command center, said the three year old woman in Yiqishiduo Qu Zhen credit deposit, the counterfeit money is. After the alarm, the police rushed to the scene. Credit agency staff said that the old man was found their counterfeit money saving, but the old man said the money is not selling food, may be counterfeit. "After we checked, the hands of the elderly are indeed counterfeit money, but the old man does not believe." The police said they will haoshuidaiyue old man back to the police station, said the old man asked several times at home as well as 7100 yuan. Subsequently, the police to accompany the elderly home to check the remaining cash that is counterfeit. After knowing the truth, the old man was very sad. Worry about the elderly something, then her daughter took the old man. It is understood that the 71 year old man, the town of the people of the three drains. Before the Spring Festival this year, a middle-aged couple drove a tractor to collect food, the elderly and his wife left rations, 4000 kg of wheat and some corn to sell. When the other party gave the old man a stack of new money, said the money can give children gift money for. After the old man to accept the money, until recently felt too much cash around the side is not safe, only to think of which 5000 yuan deposit. Unexpectedly, the bank staff was found to be counterfeit. The old man is really a pity." Police said three farmers in the town of many kinds of food for a living, equivalent to the annual income of $12100 in the elderly. The number of counterfeit lighter color fuzzy yesterday morning, the China Daily reporter saw in the three old canal police station, there were a total of 121 counterfeit money, are beginning to B4J5, digital intermediate consistent, in addition to a small amount of counterfeit money after 3 bit number is different, most of the number of counterfeit money all the same. From the appearance point of view, these counterfeit watermark anti-counterfeiting, Goods are available in all varieties. above gold, head of Mao Zedong concavity and other security features, very high fidelity. But careful comparison, we can find that these counterfeit color is shallow, fuzzy number, hand percussion, voice is not loud. "It’s easy to find out if the money is fake." The police said that the RMB above number is unique, if you receive a number of the same money, it is certainly a counterfeit. If people receive such a bill, you can report to the public security organs. At present, 121 counterfeit Claus has been confiscated, police investigation, and actively trace the counterfeit source. In addition, in order to prevent more people deceived, the police also actively contact the 17 administrative villages in the area, to carry out anti counterfeit and Telecommunications fraud prevention work. Identification of the authenticity of the letter a look at two touch three how to quickly identify the authenticity of the bill? Yesterday, one of Xi’an’s largest bank staff Ms. Xin said, in addition to the use of the detector, but also through a two out of three methods of listening "identification. A look at the banknote watermark is clear, the pattern has a sense of hierarchy and three-dimensional effect, there is no security line, etc.. Under normal circumstances, false.相关的主题文章:

The 2016 miss China finals ended Liu Changle was crowned champion Han Ning

The 2016 miss China finals ended Liu Changle was crowned the champion Han Ning Tsuen: sponsored by the Phoenix 2016 Chinese Miss Universe contest finals in Zhuhai on 22 Long International Ocean Resort Hengqin International Circus City perfect ending, fluent in four languages No. 10 contestants won the championship title of Han Ning, 16, and Wang Xiaoqing No. 4 Liu Jiayi won the runner up and second runner up. Commentary: the interpretation of different ages of popular dance, wearing a gorgeous cheongsam Show Oriental women elegant posture, the judges respond to the hot question, fierce collision with the host scenario quiz, after numerous tests, fluent in four languages 10, Jia Lihan successfully won the 2016 Miss Chinese setting global champion, Phoenix TV, chairman of the board of directors and chief executive officer Liu Changle the 2015 Miss Chinese champion Guo Yangzi together for the awards she crowned. Han Ning (2016 Chinese Miss Universe contest): Oh, really did not expect, just the question and answer session, I just say what I really feel is the heart, also some of my strengths, before ten years in Hungary, ten years in North America, China is a very good platform. Let me have the opportunity to come back. Commentary: the pursuit of minimalism No. 16 beauty Wang Xiaoqing and dream of becoming a war correspondent of the 4 contestants won the runner up and Liu Jiayi respectively. Wang Xiaoqing (2016 of the Miss Universe contest runner up): I think we should miss China is to show the girl a variety of different beauty, like our 12 players today this final stage is just a moment we come into contact with us, but we are in the two months together, every one of us there are different, but a good personality. Liu Jiayi (the 2016 Miss Universe contest runner up): China stage is gorgeous, and stepped on the big stage of the people, not afraid of any other stage. Kara Hui (2016 of the Miss Universe contest finals judges): several, write down my own, hope to be able to give them a little test, think of a person for her, her beauty is the most important accomplishment, but I tell the truth, as long as you are full of confidence, in fact the woman will be beautiful. Commentary: this year’s Miss China finals as a magnificent big show, the performance of many elements into the circus, the cute penguins also back to the scene, and once a year as global Chinese women’s beauty event, Miss Chinese global competition has been advocating the beauty and wisdom of peers, internal and external and feminine charm, is committed to the global Chinese closer distance the establishment of the new generation of Chinese beauty standards.相关的主题文章:

Zhang Xiaoming any words and deeds to promote Hong Kong independence should be punished according to mia farrow

Zhang Xiaoming: any advocacy of "Hong Kong Independence" words and deeds and activities should be punished according to the law – Beijing, China News Agency, Hongkong (reporter Yinta Shizuko) in November 1, the provincial CPPCC Port Association (hereinafter referred to as the Association) 1, held in Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Center in People’s Republic of China to celebrate the 67 anniversary of the establishment of the association ten anniversary ceremony. Zhang Xiaoming, director of the Central Government Liaison Office in People’s Republic of China to attend the activities and pointed out that the Hongkong Special Administrative Region, in a particular society and the rule of law, any advocacy of "Hong Kong Independence" words and deeds and activities shall be punished according to the law, and must not be condoned any reason. Zhang Xiaoming pointed out that in recent years, the practice of "one country, two systems" in Hongkong has encountered some new situations, new problems and new challenges. This is a "one country, two systems" such a new thing in the course of practice must go through the historical stage. He put forward 5 "no one can deny the fact, including: no one can deny the" one country two systems "practice has made universally acknowledged success; no one can deny the fact that Hongkong maintains the overall prosperity and stability; no one can deny the relationship between Hongkong and the mainland more closely, and strong support for coping with crises from the strong development of the mainland against various risks; no one can deny the fact that Hongkong still maintain the capitalist system characteristics, is still one of the highest degree of freedom, the legal system in perfect world recognized; no one can deny the fact that Hongkong residents enjoy today’s democratic rights is the incomparable. At the same time, Zhang Xiaoming further pointed out that the individual members of the Legislative Council recently designate bad performance in oath, not what is of no great importance of small farce, but seriously touched the "one country two systems" bottom line, a serious violation of the constitution, the basic law and the relevant laws of Hongkong, including the Hongkong compatriots, seriously hurt the whole people and the world Chinese the Chinese national feelings. These days, about one million people rocked the city to denounce the joint appeal, sufficient to prove what is "legal means, public opinion surging". He said, in People’s Republic of China within the Hongkong Special Administrative Region, in a particular society and the rule of law, any advocacy of "Hong Kong Independence" words and deeds and activities shall be punished according to the law, and must not be condoned any reason. Zhang Xiaoming said, the central leaders repeatedly stressed that the central implementation of the "one country two systems" will not change, do not shake, and accordingly, in the practice of "one country two systems in Hongkong Special Administrative Region", also do not aliasing, no deformation. He hoped that the Hongkong community, including every responsible political groups and community, to fully and accurately understand and implement the "one country two systems" policy, in strict accordance with the basic law, and consciously respect and maintain the highest position in Hongkong basic law in the legal system, and as a special administrative region, regulate all administrative legislation, judicial behavior criterion. Especially in problems involving major issues issues of right and wrong national interests and the fundamental interests of Hongkong, we must adhere to the principle, adhere to the bottom line, resolutely according to law, so as to form a strong social positive energy. Jiao Huancheng, deputy director of the CPPCC National Committee of Hong Kong, Macao and overseas Chinese to attend the event and delivered a speech, affirmed the friendship相关的主题文章:

Forced consumption abusive tourists frequently exposed Yunnan black guide why repeated prohibitions aapt.exe

Forced consumption of abusive tourists frequent exposure of Yunnan black tour guide why repeated satirical tourists and abusive tourists is too stingy to pull out a hair "rogue""…… Recently, the Yunnan guide forced shopping consumption, abusive tourists and other events in the online exposure, causing public concern and hot debate. Yunnan Tourism Committee informed the investigation and handling of these events, the person involved in the tour guides and travel agencies in accordance with the relevant provisions of the punishment. But the black guide why the incident repeated? What are the problems faced by the regulatory investigation? Reporter launched an investigation. Recently, the network spread a section titled "Yunnan guide compulsory consumption to buy jade" video, video of a female tour guide to the tourists on board said, "bargain, but don’t go cheap, happy to buy a jade…… In the car, I will give you a good reason, in the car, you have lost my job, work are robbed, I do not tell you anything else, you do not want to go out today, this place in Yunnan……" She also said, buy jade to do "good faith" full "number of" full "full amount". After the release of the video quickly aroused concern. For this event, Yunnan Tourism Committee, 15, informed that, after investigation, the exposure of the video tour group from the Yunnan Mellon Travel Agency Limited company operation, the video of the tour guide for Chen lili. Through the investigation of the travel agency and the tour guide asked Chen Lili that video guide "integrity, the number of full amount, full of full of other words and deeds is what it is; Yunnan Meilen Travel Agency Limited company also approved the appointment for this group of tour guides for the business. According to the investigation and illegal facts, tourism in Kunming city to monitor the detachment of the administrative punishment to be given a fine of 100 thousand yuan of Yunnan Mellon Travel Agency Limited company; the administrative punishment to be given daoyouzheng revoked to guide Chen Lili, shall not re apply for a tour card for 3 years. Coincidentally, in National Day during the network exposure of the Yunnan tour abusive tourists shopping "rogue" "" girls riding tour of Lijiang is not without irony "shopping was too stingy to pull out a hair" event. After investigation, someone’s tour guides and travel agencies have been punished in accordance with the relevant provisions. Yunnan Tourism Development Committee said that after monitoring the network public opinion, the relevant departments involved in the investigation and handling of the situation, and to the community informed of the investigation. In recent years, forced shopping guide consumption and abusive tourists event repeated exposure, but also involved in tourism enterprises and tourism practitioners are punished, but the "black Tour" event is still repeated. According to the Yunnan provincial tourism law enforcement corps responsible person, forced shopping guide or abusive tourists is a kind of representation, in fact is a reflection of the part in the tourism enterprises "zero negative cost" or "unreasonable fare" tourist organization behind the problem. The responsible person said, tourism shopping enterprises by raising commodity pricing and give travel agencies and tour guides high "rebate" for the travel agency "zero fare business" profit ", tourism enterprises and practitioners for the pursuit of profit maximization, thus forcing the tour guides to break the law, forcing tourists shopping and consumption, this is" the fundamental reason lead to unreasonable low price tour "and repeated. A lot of travel agents and tour guides legal awareness, the basic problem is illegal operations." Xu Nanyuan, President of the Institute of tourism and cultural industries, Yunnan University of Finance and Economics相关的主题文章:

Red Net brother cheat female students cheated money and Pianse – Beijing

Red Net brother cheat female students cheated Caixin Pianse – in an online news according to the Anhui daily news Dingyuan a man Sohn, posing as a well-known young woman in red net, looking for a variety of mobile phone platform to be approached, the intimate relationship to each other to borrow money, even pianse. The day before the police uncovered the fraud case, according to reports, many girls deceived, cheated girl a color still in college, and in the sun the mobile phone, actually saved more than 300 women contact. A meeting, Wang man and red is not a man in Dingyuan (a pseudonym) more than and 20 years old this year, recently, she was using a mobile phone to log on to a social software, to know a man, the other said he was a singer in the network, and each other with WeChat, the man to a variety of video and sing photo to Wang Fa. Wang is not assured, according to the information provided by the other party in the online search and verification, found that really have the name of the network reds, can not help heart, after a period of time, and the man who love online. After a period of time, the man began to borrow money to Wang, Wang has lent a few million. Men continue to borrow money, Wang had a suspicion, insisted on meeting, two people met in a local hotel. After the meeting, Wang came to the man and be startled at all, red net is not a person, the other is the Red Net explaining that his brother, said his brother is very busy, no time to come, Wang immediately alarm, police arrived after the man control. It is understood that the man surnamed sun, born in 1991, a 7 year old child. A muscle, female college students cheated and deceived not only the color, Sohn will sometimes change the identity, posing as civil servants or other successful people, and after the woman cheated. In the snow female university students enrolled in a University of Hefei (a pseudonym) is 21 years old this year, in 2014 the snow had just attended the college entrance examination, through a dating software known Sohn at home, Sohn with avatar is still a net red photo, Sohn snow to boast, he is from Beijing a University after graduation is to work in Suzhou, where I also bought a house, and then passed the Chuzhou civil service, while also doing business outside, worth quite good. The snow was blinded by Sohn’s blandishments, and talked about love. In the process of love, Sohn constantly find excuses to borrow money borrowed snow, a total of 26000 yuan, will be a gold necklace she wore by walking out of the water, and excuse the mobile phone is broken, the snow is a Samsung S4 mobile phone to emergency, and then returns the money. More angry is, Sohn also let the snow to help him mortgage bought an electric tricycle, he only paid 800 yuan down payment, the remaining monthly snow to help him and even mortgage, in 11 months. In the communication process, the snow was found Sohn’s name ID and his usual name is not the same, the mother also advised her not to contact them, but the rebellious snow did not follow family advice, but in the summer of 2014 and the sun in a relationship, then she just the end of the college entrance examination. The police investigation of Sohn dating records, found that he had more than 300 female friends, basically 90. According to the police investigation, already;相关的主题文章:

Legal media concerned about China’s mistress Hunter hunting a small three 500 thousand ca1834

Method of media attention Chinese "mistress Hunter": "hunt" a mistress 500 thousand original title: French media attention China "mistress Hunter": "hunt" a mistress 500 thousand core tip: "mistress Hunter" are mostly women, and psychology, sociology and law graduates. Before being sent to the battlefield, they often spend 3 years disguised as neighbors, cleaners and even nanny to find out the way. Reference News Network reported on September 11th French media said, according to the latest available figures from the Ministry of civil affairs, 2015 China crude divorce rate from 1.59 in 2007 soared to 2.8 per thousand per thousand, far higher than in europe. The divorce rate is 1.9 per thousand, while Italy is only 0.9 per thousand. According to a survey of online dating sites, at least one of the first marriages in China has derailed. According to Agence France-Presse reported on September 8th, when Ms. Wang found her husband had derailed a few years later, she chose to appeal to China’s mistress Hunter elite team. Reported that Ms. Wang did not want a divorce, because it may undermine their social and economic status. She hired a professional to win the trust of his lover, then persuaded her over with her husband’s affair. In the "mistress Hunter" after the intervention ended this long affair in 2 months. Ms. Wang said she paid for the service of 400 thousand to 500 thousand yuan. She said: "I think the value of this price, I am very satisfied." Now, she is thinking of becoming a mistress hunter". "I can help other women protect their families and their rights," she explained." Ms. Wang hired the company has 59 offices in the country to provide free legal advice and seminars. The founder of the company, Shuxin, said he had 300 "mistresses" hunters". "My purpose is to stop the divorce," said Shuxin, at its upscale headquarters in Beijing. We can save about 5000 couples each year." Reported that mistress Hunter mostly women, but also psychology, sociology or law graduates. Before being sent to the battlefield, they often spend 3 years disguised as neighbors, cleaners and even nanny to find out the way. The 47 year old Li (sound) have been in the business for 3 years. She said: "I’m older than the mistress hunters, so they listen to me." She said: "if the mistress to go to the park, supermarket or work, I will encounter with her. Even if she is the type of home, I can excuse her for her help." She said: "we always have a way to get close to them." She said: "once, I disguised as a fortune teller, there is a mistress let me show her. Of course, I have from her lover’s wife went to her hand, so it is easy to make her dizzy, and then I persuaded her to leave my client’s husband. This is one of the fastest to complete the case we handled." Reported that China’s crude divorce rate continues to rise. Beijing Yingke Law Firm divorce lawyer Zhu Ruilei (sound) said: "what is the reason? Moral freedom, the contradiction between the income gap caused by the couple, as well as personality differences. But there is a point that people’s desire to pursue their own dreams is stronger than ever." According to the online marriage website相关的主题文章: